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La Fausto Coppi
28 June | Tribute to Fausto Coppi
  • Italy
  • 4.125m
  • 177km

About the Ride

The La Fausto Coppi is one of the main events in the Italian Gran Fondo scene. Set on the less crowded side of the Italian Alps you will ride some of the most legendary paths. You will be challenged to overcome the steepest hills in the Province of Cuneo.

Every one participating in this ride will get a jersey with the flag from his or her country of origin. So you will ride in an incredible united peloton.

Fausto Coppi truly dominated and earned the nickname Il Campionissimo, champion of champions.

It didn’t matter if you were competing against him in a climb, time trial or even in a sprint he would be the winner

This ride is a tribute to him, a legend which still conjures many images in the mind of cyclists.

The first climb is Santuario di Valmala, a hard climb with the steepest section up to 14%. In total the climb is 9.6km with an average of 8%. The next climb is the Piatta. You will gain 541 meters in elevation within 9.5km. The average of the climb is 7%. Meaning you already climbed close to a 20 kilometers before starting the most legendary climb of the day.

In 1999 the road of the Colle Fauniera (2.481m) was fully asphalted allowing the Giro d’Italia to pass over it. This climb is part of the Colli di Cuneo, a range of high mountain passes in the Cottian Alps. Colle Fauniera is in length close to 23 kilometers and is one of the top four highest paved climbs in Italy. The climb will end with an average gradient of 9%. At the summit you will find a monument dedicated to Marco Pantani, in memory of his Epic climb during the Giro d’Italia of 1999.

Madonna del Colletto is the final climb of the day. It’s the shortest climb of the day with a distance of 7.3 kilometers. On the last 20 kilometer to the finish, the road will bend towards a welcomed descent.

La Fausto Coppi is a real challenge. It is also thanks to the participants of the La Fausto Coppi that money is collected to maintain the fragile mountain roads.

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