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Seorak Granfondo

Seorak Granfondo
23 May | 12 hours for five climbs
  • Korea
  • 4.340m
  • 208km

About the Ride

Seorak Granfondo started in 2014. All spots available were taken within 17 minutes. This cycling event is not focused on competition against each other, but an opportunity to test your will and physical strength while riding through the stunning landscape of Korea.

You can opt for two distances. It’s a choice but still time limits are set for both distances. Riding the 105km you will need to finish within 7 hours. The big difference, besides to distance, is that you have three climbs to conquer. The Gran Fondo is 208km and you got 12 hours to make it to the finish. The five climbs can be divided into four Category 2 climbs and one Horse Category (HC).

The Guryong Pass will be climbed twice in one day from both directions. It will be the first climb of the day, as well the last climb of the day. You will climb the toughest side at the end of the day, marked as a Horce Category climb. A very long climb, lasting for 20.5km against an average gradient of 4.2%. In total you will gain 870 meters of elevation. It’s the final climb of the day, so your legs will be exhausted. The organization really challenges you by holding back this climb.

Probably they just want to be sure, that you will feel the pain at the end of the day. At the same time, be honest, that is what makes cycling great

The other climbs are shorter in distance, but still the shortest has a distance of 4.2km against an average gradient of 10.9%. Maybe short, but still it’s recommended to set the gear as lightly as possible if you want to succeed the JoChim Pass (Bird sleep pass).

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