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  • Italy
  • 5.765m
  • 158.4km

About the ride

This ride will make you suffer, but in return you will be climbing the most legendary climbs of Giro d’Italia. Be prepared as you will gain over 5,000 meters of elevation in just one day. In return you can tick off Passo Gavia, Passo dello Stelvio and Mortirolo from your bucketlist.

Whenever you’re ready you can easily kickoff by downloading this ride, but don’t miss out on the other GPX rides made available via our page.

The first climb of the day is Passo Gavia. It’s said by many of the cyclists who tackled Passo dello Stelvio, Passo Gavia and Mortirolo that Passo Gavia can be marked as the one heaviest to climb. You can find out yourself as all these giants are close to each other.

The second climb is the famous Passo dello Stelvio. A major monument in cycling. Anyone who talks about the Stelvio, talks about the famous 48 hairpins on the side of Prato Allo Stelvio.

This ride will be climbed via Bormio, but it isn’t just the other side

You got 40 hairpin turns and is in distance 22km with steep slopes up to 14% towards the summit.

The Mortirolo is the final climb and extremely heavy. It’s like riding in slowmotion all the way. The fearsome ascent via Mazzo di Valtellina is claimed to be the ‘official’ route. Once you reach the Pantani Monument, it does get easier. This is after 8 kilometers! Lance Armstrong once said “It’s a terrible climb… it’s perfect for a mountain bike’’

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