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Muro di Surmano banned for 50 years

A climb banned for 50 years, sounds serious. In 1960 the organization of the Giro di Lombardia decided to introduce a climb, that could make a difference. The fourth out of the six climbs that riders have to tackle in Giro di Lombardia is the Muro di Surmano. It’s an incredibly difficult climb that was left out for nearly 50 years. It was a time when the ridiculously steep climbs weren’t used in races. Ercole Baldini used a 44×29 in that first edition with Jacques Anquetil using a 42×27. In 1961 Ercole Baldini won the race, but was clearly not happy with climbing the Muro di Sormano.

”I understand that the Ghisallo didn’t offer the guarntee of breaking the race up anymore, but frankly they gone overboard in the opposite direction. This climb is simply beastly, impossible to get up”.

After three editions (1960 – 1962) Muro di Sormano was taken off the route. The climb was so steep that riders were either failing off their bikes or being pushed up the hill by the fans.

It seems logical to really hate the climb. You will probably experience some of your most dramatic moments in cycling. At the end, being at the top, you will feel like a superhero. The fans appreciated the magic and for the love cycling their effort resulted in the reappearance of the Muro di Sormano in Giro di Lombardia in 2012.

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